Location: Moscow, Russia
Client: Lukoil
Collaboration: Mtelectro / Seekway
LIGHT CUBE project is a light installation which is unique for Russia. The installed object is found at the LUCOIL Headquarters’ top two kilometers off the Moscow Kremlin. As a concept, it is the top of the pane making the whole view on Turgenevskaya Square ensemble. The LIGHT CUBE object enables to create various associations. The theme of the three-dimension light continuity depends wholly on our imagination capabilities and fantasy. It is a quintessential dynamic sculpture not only luminant but able to change light forms as the result of using both static and dynamic themes to create three-dimension images.
Status: Completed project

Light Cube

Platinum A`design award 2016 ITALY
IES illumination award of Merit 2017
Interlight Project of the Year 2016 RUSSIA
Darc awards Finalist 2016 UK
MAB Shortlist 2017 CHINA
More than 100 projects from different countries, including several well-known international companies, were presented for the contest. In the final the concept by light designer Natalia Koptseva and lighting technician Vasiliy Tarasenko from Ekaterinburg was announced the winner

Today’s constantly developing world is made of numerous information flows and images that surround us everywhere. Our task is to produce a fast appropriate positive effect on the watchers using the simple image of the LIGHT CUBE, providing the brand’s growing impact. Clear perception and identification of the LIGHT CUBE with a socially oriented product will foster brand loyalty.