Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Client: UGMK
Collaboration: Mtelectro / Intiled
The passage connects the restaurant of the Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg hotel and the skyscraper of the Iset aparthotel in the center of Ekaterinburg City. The guests and the locals take advantage of the passage during the evening (dark period) more extensively. Hence, exploitation of architectural lighting linked to motion sensors is absolutely beneficial in the project.

The goal of ours was to find a very simple but eye-catching lighting model. To demonstrate not pure story of functionality but the interaction of two spaces is used the idea of the travel of light. Lighting in the project has become an integral part of communication. Light follows the person, walking through the passage, and this finding has been made possible by specific disposition of the motion sensors triggered by movement. As a result, the installation has become lively and mercurial, reminding real-life light flux.
Status: Completed project

Iset Tower passage

We consider light as continuation of the structural construction of the passage, that’s why, light fixtures are set along the constructions, at their joints, i.e. intersection nodes. Thanks to this disposition, we contributed in the architectural concept of the construction entity.

The installation has a double effect. The lighting system works both inside and outside the construction entity. As there is no one inside the passage - the light goes dim, which makes it possible to reduce energy consumption, caring about environment protection and preservation.