Location: Philippine
Client: Philippine Realty & Holdings Corporation
Exterior lighting concept should contribute to better recognition of the place by the society, increased satisfaction of Tenants and further support of the PhilRealty well-recognized brand.

We believe that architecture of the building is perfect and thus can be just slightly supported over nights. Our lighting concept is based on the simple inversed daytime view of the building. At the same time, the technical side of the concept is quite complex. Natural white light is used only.

Embracing the name AINARA — Swallow, the lighting design we envision is one that will emphasize the smoothness and gentle flow of the façade.


The appearance to be portrayed by the lighted building will embody a continuation of the Architect’s Design merging with the structure of the building.

Use of very elegant lighting techniques, maximum integration with the façade, special development of lighting scenes, gradients, movement and speed, and carefully filtered selection of lighting components — will be the approach to highlight its architecture in parallel with attaining maximum comfort and satisfaction for people both inside and outside the building.